Per Minute Rate

At Pick it Pack it Send it we want to keep things as simple as possible which is why we charge by the minute. This means you are only charged for the time we spend on fulfilling your orders. The order process starts with logging into a client website, or picking up an order via email, and is completed when the parcel is put into the mail bag or courier collection area. A typical order for a retail customer takes around 5 minutes although this does depend on various factors such as number of items (please note we don't charge a 'per item' rate for our picking service), destination (some foreign orders need customs labels) and whether or not the item needs wrapping. For an order to a trade customer the time taken varies depending on the size of the order but is usually around 10-15 minutes. We work efficiently but do pride ourselves on attention to detail as we feel it is better to get the order right first time than having to correct mistakes.

If required we can also deal directly with your customers and answer enquiries on your behalf. A simple enquiry only takes a couple of minutes and takes the stress out of the process for you. A delivery enquiry takes a little longer as it usually requires looking into an order and finding tracking information.