Our 100% Pick and Pack Satisfaction Guarantee

You would think every fulfilment company would offer a 100% guarantee? This is not the case.

We pride ourselves on the care and attention to detail our staff put into each and every client and we work hard to minimise picking errors. However, we are all human so rather than offer a 100% correct order guarantee we offer a satisfaction guarantee.

All staff are trained across all client areas so they can step in as and when necessary. However, most of the time the same person deals with the whole order process for a specific client. This allows them to have product knowledge, awareness of stock levels and a passion for the company they are working on behalf of.

In the unlikely event of an error occurring we will do everything we can to rectify the situation. Firstly we apologise to you and if necessary your customer for our error. Then to put things right we will:

• Re Pick and Pack a replacement order free of charge • Cover the cost of shipping the replacement to a UK address • We will also include a free post return envelope for your customer to return the original order.

We will of course do our best to ensure order errors do not occur but in the event that they do we will do our very best to make the situation right.