Want to stand out from the crowd

We call it wrap it your way. You can tell us exactly how you would like your goods to be wrapped and packed and we will follow your instructions.

We add your instructions to your packing bench, so all staff members know the different packing procedures.

Wrap it your way has been designed to allow our clients to enforce their brand awareness directly to the customer. For example, let’s say you sell baby clothes and would like us to wrap certain items in your red tissue paper sealed with branded tape? No problem. You may also like to add a leaflet to or a thank you card? No problem. What about a card for them to give to a friend to get 10% discount? No problem. Our system will make sure every item we send out is done in exactly the way you want it. This all helps to: • Make your company stand out from competitors. • Get the ‘wow’ factor when customers open their order by making it that bit extra special. • Create new or repeat business with discount offers or free gifts. • Strengthens your brand by using your own packaging and marketing materials.

This typically takes a couple of extra minutes per order but we think it is well worth the small investment into your brand.