Giles gift retailer profile

Giles was our second pick and pack client and was recommended to contact us to see if we could save him money on his fulfilment costs. Giles took us to lunch and we discuses what he did not like about his currant pick and pack house, Giles biggest problems were.
  1. The cost of each pick. He was being charge £4.00 for the first item in the order and then 50p for each item
  2. Delivery costs
We then discussed the charges Pick it Pack it Send it charges and you could see that he had a light bulb moment as he realised just how much he would save moving his fulfilment to us. Giles asked if we could help him move his stock form his currant fulfilment house and we agreed a date 3 weeks later. We arrived in a box van and packed up all of his stock in to transit boxes and moved it to our warehouse. once we had the stock at our warehouse we unpacked it into picking bins and did a stock take, updated his e commerce website with his stock levels and completed all of this out standing retail orders. At the end of the first month of doing Giles fulfilment we sat down with him and went over his invoice and we worked out Pick it Pack it Send it had saved him money in on he Storage, Pick and Pack, Postage and his courier was the same cost. We then worked out the cost of sending out each of his average order with Pick it Pack It send it was now less than the basic picking charge from his old fulfilment house. So he descended to offer FREE Delivery on all of his order and we would then review it again the following month. 30 days later we reviewed his pick and pack bill and worked out his sales had increased by 20% since offering FREE Delivery and he was also still saving money on the cost picking packing and posting each order. So one very happy client, that's want we like.
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