Helen baby goods retailer profile

Helen called us after being recommended to us by Kiera for her Pick and Pack.

We received the first 10 boxes of stock and they were put into open picking bins to start picking and packing from the same day as we had a list of orders to do already.

The second lot of stock needed to be opened and re folded and re packed as it had not been done correctly at the factory, this was done and over a number of days and was then ready to be sent out to fulfil retail and customer orders.

We have also taken stock out of bags and repacked into retail boxes and re barcoded.

We are now having stock arrive directly from Helen's manufacturer and we now split this stock between long term storage in the warehouse and the pick and pack area.

  • Pick and Pack
  • Process trade orders
  • Dropship orders
  • Barcoding
  • Re-labelling and re-packaging