Imran baby goods retailer profile 5

Imran was our first Pick and Pack client we took on in 2010 his range of designer baby cloths had just started take off and he wanted to expand. He had a range of 20 lines in 4 sizes, after sitting down with Imran and explaining his plans for the next 3 year to us we decided to move to bigger premises we now have access to 56,000 sq-ft of warehouse storage and 5,000 sq-ft of internal old office space storage that have been racked out for storage of the open boxes to pick and pack from. For the last 3 years Imrans range of stock has increased in size year on year and in 2013 we now fulfil trade and retail order from a range of over 40 products lines in 9 sizes. we are now doing fulfilled of trade orders up to £60,000 and Ecommerces retail pick and pack order of £1,000s of pounds a month. The average season collection have 400 15kg boxes that have to be manually unloaded into the main pick and pack area. The excess stock and all the over seas order that we ship world wide being put into the main warehouse for extra storage until its ready to be picked from or dispatched over seas by couriers. Some of the over seas order have to be re packaged and re labelled to meet the needs of the country they are going to. Also some of the larger retail stores Imran is now in need to have there own bar-codes added on to the packaging and each garment. We also look after imrans customer enquires and taking restock order, give him stock updates and put products in and out of stock on his Ecommerces website.
  • Pick and Pack
  • Proses trade order
  • Dropship order
  • Barcoding
  • Re labelling and re packaging