Pick and Pack home goods retailers profile.

We met Victoria at Top Draw in London and she had seen one of our flyers before so I booked an appointment for a couple of days later.

When we rang her back she explained that she had her products all over her house and wanted to spend more time on promoting her company and products but she also needed more time to develop new product lines.

We agreed to go ahead and Victoria boxed up all her stock into transport boxes and we then sent in a van to collect it all.

We explained that we would take all of her stock and put it into picking bins all and add product codes and Names to each line all her products we placed into our internal storage area that is a clean hygienic area for open boxes and clothing etc.

Victoria wanted her brand to be reinforced when the customer received her products. So after discussing her needs we agreed to wrap individual customer order and drop ship orders in yellow tissue paper and the corners sealed with company logoed sticker and then tied in yellow ribbon with a small thank you card added under the ribbon. This gives a real WOW factor when the customers open their gifts and makes it feel very special.

In period 3 of 2012 we were pleased to be told that we would need to do bar coding and repackaging for Victoria’s products as she was now in some of the top UK high street chain stores

At the start of 2013 Victoria contacted us to let us know she was launching a new rank of products and I am pleased to say they are selling well and we are picking lots of orders for the new range.

Services we do for Victoria

  • Pick and Pack
  • Proses trade order
  • Dropship order
  • Barcoding
  • Re labelling and re packaging